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Perpetual Transformation

Business today requires ongoing evolution to adjust to changing consumer and market trends. We work with your cross-functional team to create a process for iterative deployment, helping you stay ahead of competition. By leveraging Model Company efficiencies and an open system of S/4 best practices, our Perpetual Transformation methodology fuels long-term growth while capitalizing on near-term opportunities.

Change management program development built on open system architecture
Innovate faster with our Concept 2 Market methodology
Constant collaboration with iterative deployment
Train multiple business units for enduring change

Central Finance

As companies grow, they often accumulate a variety of ERPs and systems adding complexity to day-to-day performance management. With SAP S/4HANA and Central Finance, we can help consolidate these systems for simplicity.

Extend the life of old systems to get the most value out of previous investments
Clean and consolidate disjointed SAP and non-SAP systems
Reallocate redundant resources, combine reporting, and simplify analysis
Create a single dashboard of finance and accounting across subsidiaries and separate companies

Carve Out

Mergers and acquisitions require a thoughtful approach to centralizing systems, which we’ve designed from years of global M&A experience. Help us reduce your stress while delivering a high-quality solution on time.

Our proprietary methodology and tool
Isolate configuration and master data into a single new instance of SAP
Adhere to all governance requirements
Maintain business continuity

Program Management

You’ve invested a lot of resources in SAP, but are you getting everything you can out of it? Let us work together to design roadmaps that enhance your core business drivers and avoid unnecessary customizations.

Leverage our broad industry experience and deep SAP knowledge
System evaluation to reduce complexity
Eliminate redundancies while optimizing performance
Maintain compliance and support governance requirements

Full Service SAP ConsultingCaptain your transformation.

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