Connecting two ERP business systems together to reduce risk

Challenges merging ERPs

  • Our hi-tech industry client had been running a highly customized SAP ECC for over 17 years
  • The litany of customizations had reached a point of suffocation preventing desired growth via acquisitions and new business model adoption
  • Client had an aggressive acquisition strategy averaging 5 companies per year
  • They had no ability to integrate the acquired companies into their SAP ECC system future state
  • A greenfield approach for this roll out was out of reach; No business case could justify to company stakeholders that a traditional greenfield would offset the potential costs to make the change

Solution to Merging SAP S/4HANA with ECC

  • Ketch worked with our client to develop a 4-year roadmap for moving their entire business to the new platform
  • Implement S/4HANA, SAP Central Finance, CPQ (Configurable pricing and quoting), 3rd party field service solution with all inventory and fulfillment remaining in the ECC system


  • The result was a flexible, scalable business platform that will adapt to an ever-changing market allowing aggressive acquisitions and easy integration of new offerings / business models
  • Ketch implemented a greenfield S/4 Hana project along with SAP Central Finance which enabled the client to retain their existing ERPs for 2 years while creating a clean instance of SAP