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Digital Business Transformations

Perpetual Transformation program
Plan and build open system architecture SAP environment including a GUI application environment
Train and collaborate with client business and IT teams to perpetuate and iterate business model concepts for dynamic transformations that continue beyond project deployment
Advisory on level of transformation following Listening & Learning key company initiatives, high level requirements, and ideas on transformative direction

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SAP Business System Integrations

S/4HANA 1610, 1709, 1809, 19xx: including
upgrading to latest and complete greenfield
S/4HANA upgrade alternatives to test and validate safe upgrade options before kicking off the project
HANA Rules Framework for Fiori applications allowing business to rapidly customize solutions on top of SAP S/4HANA
Custom applications designed to meet any need outside of SAP S/4 Business process set using HANA Rules Framework

Complete program and project management governing and driving collaborative teams with Ketch Building Block Methodology

End to End Business Solution Services

Central Finance to extend life of old ECC systems
for a longer period alongside S/4HANA so as to
not do a big bang and push spend
Central Finance to solve issues with multiple ERPs
where S/4HANA can be the sole dashboard of
finance and accounting across many subsidiaries
and separate companies
Ketch BPC and Central Finance solution to control
mergers using 3 stages to account and dashboard
many businesses no matter if newly acquired
BPC: Forecasting, Budgeting, Planning and
Commercial Project Management and EPPM using
the HANA Rules Framework
Multi-use contracts including same contracts with
services, projects, and products dynamically
integrating from entitlements, service
consumption, project completions, revenue
recognition, and finance settlement
Entitlements (either through the new module [SAP Entitlements Management] or the Ketch solution)

Consumption Calculators within contracts and service agreements to measure products and services used by internal and external customers and partners

Products and Services organization using variant configuration to management orders, produce live catalogues, measure consumption against
IOT/social media/ extensions to interface with Client tools and handsets using custom application development
RAR and recognition of revenue–meeting IFRS compliance
Global Credit that bridges multi-country multi-ERP and same customers

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Methods and Tools

  • Leverage SAP and Ketch’s best practice business process toolsets
  • Ketch Building Block Methods
  • Ketch FISTO Methodology: Rapid deployment of Fiori, integration scenarios & testing, security, training and organizational change
  • SAP Industry Solution Best Practices
  • SAP standard delivered Fiori Apps
  • SAP Best Practices
  • Ketch Implementation Guides
  • Open source implementation automation tools

SAP Central Finance

  • AP product that enables companies to decentralize ledgers across SAP systems (ECC and/or HANA S4).
  • Ketch is a leader in SAP Central Finance implementations. Ketch has developed a unique approach to combining SAP HANA S4, SAP ECC with SAP Central Finance. Using a greenfield approach to enable quick implementation of new business models on the latest SAP technology, alongside existing SAP systems. Proven strategy to apply innovation quickly, without risk to existing system processes

Carve Outs, Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Major organizational changes challenge business operations & IT during structural change and require an experienced team
  • Ketch global M&A experience
  • Receiving end or the divesting side
  • Transition Services Agreements (execution)
  • Business continuity
  • Transitional solutions using SAP Central Finance

SAP Advisory Services as Program Management

  • Transformation program management
  • Ketch SAP solution and system analysis and quality reviews
  • SAP Landscape Standards and Optimization
  • Security and Legal Compliance
  • Identify unnecessary customizations “Not every solution requires technology change”
  • Change Management
  • Application Performance Optimization

SAP Security Services

Today the world of IT security is ever evolving and complex to maintain compliance. Most companies have numerous systems, technologies, internal and external customer facing applications that strain even the most experienced IT departments. Ketch infrastructure and security consultants help you stay up to date and reduce risk.

SAP Data Management Suite

Business growth and the intense needs for data analytics drives the need to manage complex volumes of data. Ketch leverages SAP’s HANA Data Management suite platform to optimize you data availability across your landscape.

Application Management Services

  • Ketch provide on-premise or cloud based application management services
  • SAP S4 and Cloud Platform
  • SAP HANA data warehouses
  • API Management
  • AWS and Google Cloud Platform

SAP Development Services

Ketch developer network for SAP and non-SAP business applications using next generation open source technology.

  • SAP Cloud Platform
  • SAP JAVA Applications
  • SAP Javascript and UI5
  • SAP Fiori
  • Open source applications integration

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