Digital Business Transformations

DIY: Perpetual Transformation (digitize it yourself)

Ketch Partners’ uses the credo, DIY: Perpetual Transformation (digitize it yourself) to quickly point out that unless a company is operationally engaged in change, transformations become static and no more useful today within months after building a new system. We encourage continuous collaboration during the project and the leadership of each essential business function that drives your business and the relationships with your clients, suppliers, and employees.

Static vs. Dynamic Transformations

Companies thought moving to a new ERP would transform them to meet technology goals, competitive challenges and to advance company initiatives. For example, a company kicked off a project: an ERP that was installed in 2010 and scarcely ever improved another process nor created any new business models until they upgraded again in 2019. This is a one-time transformation attempt that is typical of most companies. It is static and stuck with technology, process, thought and experiences formed in 2010.

A dynamic transformation requires open system architecture that allows companies to be supported by secure and proven business applications that have the ability to access stock and custom applications that can extend business capabilities. This is how you stay operational fit and in compliance, while you apply your company initiatives in applications. Although the key is that transformations are highly dependent on company insiders and continuous production of business concepts and practical ideas that the business can deploy as their companies and the market demands. This means that whether or not transformational processes and models are built-in with the new ERP, further and continuous build will go on as an operational process by company insiders rather than outside consultants.

Essential Eco-System

Prepare your company to better fit your industry eco-system and develop your continuous company transformation program.
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SAP S/4HANA + Custom Applications

Establish an open system that supports your current business and your future vision

Employees, Suppliers & Resources

Your golden goose. People are your caretakers. Coordinate where they best fit and generate results

Concept to Market

Employee-driven transformation of next gen digital products and services now

Markets: Customers & Trends

Why you sell and serve and grow in an eco-system

IFRS 2021! Do you have 20:21 vision?

The current date for compliance of USA businesses to meet IFRS reporting standards (International Financial Reporting Standards) is January 1, 2021. SAP S/4HANA application with Ketch Partners can upgrade your ERP to an IFRS ready system within the constrained timeframe.

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Digital Disrupters

Are your ecosystem and ERP prepared to swiftly handle the forthcoming digital disrupters?

Artificial Intelligence



Globalization of company sites

In Memory Computing

Internet of Things

YouTube & Social Media for business

Open business system architecture

Cyber Security

Merger and acquisition expansion

3D Print Output for single product

Mobile apps for business

Digital Interpretation by Gartner

"Digital optimization" is the process of using digital technology to improve existing operating processes and business models.
A "digital business" is an organization — or a unit inside an organization — whose product set and business model are made possible only by the use of information and digital technology.
"Digital business transformation" is the process of exploiting the latest digital technologies and practices to create a robust new digital business model.
Continuous Sustainability

Discovering Your Business Eco-System

Neither individual people nor business leaders are commonly engaged in creating ECO systems that support every aspect of sustaining their business causes--continuously. Eco-systems are more often delivered to us by nature or say Apple and the I-product, service, people and application world.
Continuous Sustainability

Discovering Your Business Eco-System

To sustain and maintain digital relevance and a competitive position it takes more than a deployment of an ERP and releasing updates periodically. Companies will need to engage their employees to identify, fit and nurture their place in the Eco-system and bring about digital continuous change. Further, there must be alliances with suppliers, partners, customers and their customers that feed this eco-system who each are a part.

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