Piloting Digital Transformation

Start your company's journey today.
Engaging your people to perpetuate transformation. Ketch's Concept To Market applications
and the open architecture of SAP S/4HANA put your people at the helm.
The first step in a transformation is the decision to transform, the second is to create the environment to allow it.

Open system architecture with SAP S/4HANA + Apps

SAP S/4HANA Business Systems

Best Practice Alignment

Ketch Partners Best Practice Alignment yields true process transformation. We leverage SAP delivered business processes, and HANA XSA and Cloud to optimize processes unique to your needs. Achieve agility and flexibility with Ketch.
Rapid Application Development

Concept to Market

Sunday evening one of our product owners thought of a great new offering. By Wednesday her team gave it the green light. The internal development team kicked off the agile development and had it customer-ready by the end of the month.
Your Eco-System: Technology is the soil—Concepts are the seeds—People the sun, water and nurturing

Cultivating Perpetual Transformation

By Perpetuating your Transformations, it is weekly, continual and taking advantage of what you learn along the way.

How We Work With You

We are a trusted partner for our clients. We are helping them achieve superior business performance through the strategy, design and delivery of integrated SAP solutions. Learn More About Ketch.

Listen to your ideas and requirements
Embrace and share in your vision of transformation
Help construct your team collaboration plan
Create a digital transformation roadmap
with you
Workshop with your business process teams to prepare for our program, "Concept to Market"
Construct and guide world class transformation program management

Client Pain Points

• Transformation requires such a huge time commitment from our people when they must run our business
• We cannot integrate companies as fast as we acquire them
• Our old ERP still has some useful life, but we are missing opportunities in the market
• Best Practices, Digital Transformations, ERP Upgrade: I just want our company to stay competitive and not get caught up in buzz words
• How can we leap frog ahead of our competition and differentiate ourselves in the marketplace?
• Should we consider cloud, on-premise or a hybrid solution?
• We have not transformed any of our processes since we last functionally upgraded our current ERP 10 years ago
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Leveraging Multiple ERPs

SAP Central Finance established centralized finance for several existing ERPs; allows you to conduct operations across platforms extending ERP useful life

Transformation Program Management

Guides: Helping you pilot your transformation. Engaging your people from the beginning perpetuates your transformation

Concept to Market

Employee driven transformation of next gen digital products and services. Your company can build applications to serve you on an open system well beyond initial integration

Ketch listens to our clients’ pain points and vision

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We Help Businesses Succeed

Together, we accelerate best practices. We align your core business processes and operations. Leverage the investment to scale new digital products, services and business models. See Our Business Cases

Building a
Digital Business

Neither individual people nor business leaders are commonly engaged in creating ECO systems that support every aspect of sustaining their business continuously. Eco-systems are more often delivered to us by nature or say Apple and the I-product, service, people and application world.
To sustain and maintain digital relevance and a competitive position it takes more than the deployment of an ERP and releasing updates periodically. Companies will need to create a form of an eco-system within their company culture and operation, specifically. Further, there must be alliances with suppliers, partners, customers and their customers who are feeding this eco-system.

DIY: Perpetual
(digitize it yourself)

Ketch Partners quickly points out that unless a company is operationally engaged in change, transformations become static and no more useful today within months after building a new system. We encourage continuous collaboration during the project and the leadership of each essential business function that drives your business and the relationships with your clients, suppliers, and employees.

“…organizations most likely to continue to be successful are the ones most ready for more change. Such organizations are efficient, attentive to risk and comfortable with emergent technologies.” Gartner      From Digital Transformation to ContinuousNext: Key Insights From the 2018 Gartner Symposium/ITxpo Keynote Don Scheibenreif, David Willis, W. Roy Schulte, John-David Lovelock, Elise Olding, Hank Barnes, Helen Poitevin, Marc Kerremans, Lars Van Dam 11 December 2018

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